Does drinking water while eating cause weight gain?

There is a common belief that drinking water while eating can cause weight gain. Is there some truth in this? We discovered the answer to this question, thanks to the help of an expert chemist.

WE are not only what we eat but also what we drink. Water is completely healthy, as it has zero calories if it is drunk before a meal, during a meal or at the end of a meal, no matter how many misbeliefs there are out there.

drinking water while eating

According to a clinical study in 2010 that stated that drinking water just before eating a meal, could trick the stomach into thinking that it is full, henceforth we eat less.

This theory was proven when they observed people who drank 2 glasses of water just before eating, would eat between 75 to 90 calories less.

Now, considering that our daily water intake is very difficult to estimate, as it varies on many factors.

It is important to keep well hydrated during the day, to keep a balance between the intake and outtake in our bodies. We will need to increase intake when we do intense exercise or during extreme heat. Also we should read the nutritional value of the soft drinks, teas, low-calorie drinks, soups or such items we might consume. Look for products that have at least 80% water and less than 50mEq/l of sodium and choose varied, healthy and balanced items.


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