How to your improve your physical performance and avoid catabolic Amino Acid breakdown?

During intensive workouts, your body requires a variety of nutrients that will be used as a source of adequate energy. When these nutrients are not found, the body begins to steal the amino acids that are found in your muscles, in order to have the energy to continue. When this occurs in a person, it is called catabolism, in other words, your body begins to lose muscle mass.

In order to avoid this, it is highly recommended that you include in your diet products that contain amino acids. These units help the body to produce its own protein and are a vital part of our body functions. These amino acids are a fundamental part of every metabolic process in our body.

There are different types of these acids, however it is recommended that people who are physically active or do sports, take some sort of essential amino acids. They are often called BCAA and considered to be key nutrients due to their positive affect on the body.

Thus, if you desire to build muscle, repair muscle tissue, improve your physical performance and avoid catabolism, here are some suggestions for you:

1. To improve your physical performance

During intense physical exercise, most of us quickly feel exhausted. Our body prefers that we eat essential amino acids as they aid in burning fats into energy and make that energy available while we are exercising. They also reduce the hormonal and protein catabolic concentration. Also, they accelerate our body’s recuperation period hence improving our physical performance.

2. To avoid muscle loss

While doing strength or endurance exercises, our muscle fibers are under a considerable amount of pressure. Everyone who tries to lead a healthy lifestyle by physical training or exercises are aware of that catabolic state leads to muscle loss.
For this reason, they need to consume key nutrients such as are found in Cellucor Alpha Amino as it contains BCAA’s that help to strengthen damaged muscles and improve their development.

improve your physical performance

3. To lose body fat

For those who desire to lose body weight and eliminate body toxins, it is necessary to do cardio exercises such as classes of aerobic, spinning, cross-fit, step, aerobox, dance, etc. BCAA’s are recommended for anyone who is practicing any type of physical activity or sports, for those trying to lose weight. It is recommended to eat a piece of fruit (pear, apple or melon) and taking a shot of the key nutrients found in MuscleTech Amino Build Energized and at the end of the workout have some protein to improve your results.

4. Benefits from proteins

Proteins are a key element for any type of successful training but often they are lost from being correctly used in the body because of health reasons and other vitamin deficiencies. Essential amino acids have been proven to maximize proteins effect in our body.

5. How to improve our results

Persistence is the key to success in effective training. It is impossible to sporadically train and expect the best results. Our effort needs to be consistent and based on firmly planed goals to increase our strength and muscle mass. Also, proper rest is important as it allows our muscles to relax, but we should never rest for more than two weeks.

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