How to lose belly fat without doing exercising

Magic doesn’t exist but we are going to try 6 different ways to lose belly fat without needing to exercise. From drinking water, eating five different meals a day, choosing wisely the protein that we eat and not neglecting fiber.

Drinking water: to lose weight, it is necessary to drink at least half a liter of water before each meal. BY doing this, there is no need to change our eating or exercise habits that we are used to. A study showed on average that people who drank water before every meal lost on average 10lbs (4.5Kg) in 12 weeks. This study is a guide for losing belly fat in a middle term.

Smaller portions: yes, this is a classic tactic but a winner. Changing our larger plates and bowls for smaller plates and bowls, can help us begin to lose our unwanted belly fat. Instead of serving our Paella on a normal sized plate, serve it on a smaller plate. Our brain helps to process the food by the image, as we eat first with our eyes meaning our brain reflects what we see. If we serve our meal in a smaller potion, on a smaller plate our brain will tell us we are just as full as with a bigger portion.

lose belly fat

Make five meals a day: each and every diet stresses the importance of eating five meals a day. Eat breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack and dinner. Eating five times a day during five different occasions during the day means that your body is working to its full performance. This helps us not feel hungry before our next meal, henceforth avoiding eating faster and more than we need. These five daily meals will keep us well energized throughout the day. This energy will make us more active and we won’t be starving to death. This is one of the key points in losing weight.

Natural supplements: such as garcinia and apple cider vinegar can help burn fat and reduce appetite. Ideal to lose weight.

More fiber: eating more fiber is one of the main ways to improve our digestive health and so also is eating more wholesome foods. Try to eat vegetables and dried fruits. Many fruits are a good source of fiber but some are a high source of sugar. Fiber helps other foods to quickly pass through our digestive tract and prevents constipation. It also helps to avoid feeling bloated, as it will shrink our tummy.

Proteins: are hard to digest and protein takes the longest to be metabolized and used for energy. As you burn these calories you will be using energy. Proteins leave you feeling fuller faster and for a longer period of time. Examples are poultry (without fat and skin) shellfish (steamed or grilled), beans or garbanzos, eggs, seeds, etc.

Unsaturated fats: good fats such as extra-virgin olive oil, avocado and dried fruits. Also nuts such as hazelnuts, macadamia nuts even olives are considered to be excellent sources of unsaturated fats and are extremely beneficial for our health.

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