Tempthing reviews: Slimming thermo Vest

slimming thermo vest reviewsThe Slimming Thermo Vest from Tempthing.com works by accelerating the body’s natural and healthy weigh loss whenever you are exercising or active. It works to enhance how the body naturally burns calories, making it a strong partner for your weight loss journey. And more than that, it works fast.

How does it do so? Well, it helps you lose weight fast by doing exactly what the vest was designed to do: heat up your core body temperature. The vest wraps itself around the body as if it had been vacuum sealed, thanks to it’s superior design and fabric, which doesn’t allow any air in or any sweat to get out.

The effect that the Slimming Thermo Vest has on the body is four fold. While you don’t even have to think about it or do anything different than your normal workout routine, the vest causes the following four things to happen:

It causes your body to rely on thermo-regulation

Our bodies were designed to do whatever it takes in order to maintain a healthy core temperature. Whenever you wear this vest, the body has to work even harder than it normally does during your workouts to maintain that temperature. The process takes up a lot of energy and burns stored fat in order to stay cool. Since the vest artificially induces your to increase your core temperature, you will burn calories at a greater rate than norma, without having to work harder.

In fact, you will burn over 4 times more calories than normal. Typically, it means that while you would burn 500kcals average per workout, by simply putting the vest on you will burn up to 800kcals. That’s a lot of extra calories that can mount up to a lot of extra weight loss.

If you want to put it into perspective, by burning 300kcals extra per workout during 4 workouts a week, you are burning 1200kcals more a week! That means you are burning an extra 4800kcals a month or if you really want to get crazy, think of it as burning an extra 57,600 kcals a year! That’s an extra 16.4 lbs of weight loss for doing nothing more than simply wearing your thermos vest during all of your workouts.

It makes you sweat!

Your body uses sweat as a cooling mechanism. But to produce sweat, the body has to work really hard and for every 1 gram of sweat that your body makes, it burns off 0.7kcals to do so. So, to make all that sweat, your body has to work really hard, which is why it can burn an extra 300 or more kcals for every session.

Moreover, sweating is a great way to relieve toxins and stress on your heart and it’s good for your circulation. Sweating also lowers the risk of kidney stones and helps with mood swings!

It gets you into the fat burning zone faster

In order to enter the fat burning zone, which is the part of your session when you can burn more calories and actually start to burn fat, you need to be working out for about 20 minutes. Unless you are wearing the Slimming Thermo Vest. In this case, you can get into your fat burning zone a lot faster! It makes all of your workouts a lot more efficient.

It Increases your Metabolic Rate

It’s true! This vest can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%! This in turn means that you will be burning an extra 30% of fat whenever you are wearing the vest.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating, working out and a healthy level of activity, then you can use a Slimming Thermo vest like the one at thempthing.com in order to lose belly fat and naturally lose weight. Order one while they’re still available at a great price!

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